A Poet loves his Ghazal as a father loves his son and when looks...

Urdu is a live language and is rich and famous because of the...

Ashob e Nawa has been written by Zaheer Ghazipuri

Shamim Hashmi is called a "Poet of Nostalgia". This was a...

Ham kisi karwaa ke the hi nahi

ham to Syed yaha ke the hi nahi
"dhoop the saayebaaN ke the hi nahi"

khud kaf-e-pa ne rahnumaayi ki
ham kisi karwaaN ke the hi nahi

tod baithay haiN pyas se rishta
ham furaat-e-rawaaN ke the hi nahi
12 December 2016

UrduLiterature congratulates you on the auspicious occasion of Eid Miladunnabi SAW

3 June 2016

1. Drinking rooh afza or any other drinking non natural ingredient on a daily basis

Specially avoid cold drinks or any carbonated water.

- Why: It contains high amounts of sugar, additives and colarants
- Solution: If you have to, drink it twice a week maximum


4 May 2016

Whenever there is the word ghazal on our tongue we start visualising the different kinds of suggestions and critiques of the bonds of Urdu Literature. For example some critic few days ago posted "...No doubt Ghazal has been a part of our tradition but still Ghazal is not everything". Yes and he...

9 May 2016

Suggested Research Topics in Urdu:

Underneath we list the suggestions for PhD research projects that people of school of Urdu would be interested in supervising. If you are interested in any of the topics mentioned below for your PhD thesis, you may contact us for the details:

16 April 2016
The poetry of Shamim Hashimi seems to be soaked in sobs and tears of night, the dew,
which evaporates sketching diamonds on the leaves and petals but leaves the glittering
sign of its existence. He writes:
Urdu: “Sair e chaman karuN to wahaN bhi na ji lagey
PhooloN ki dilkashi me tumhari kami lagey”
6 October 2012

Urdu Nazm, Ibtada or Irtaqa

Nasr (Prose)

6 June 2016

Where is Allah? This question is...

2 October 2012

Chand TaroN ka Ban which means "The forest of starts and the Moon" has been written by Makhdoom Muhiuddin. He belonged to Hayderabad so the Poem...

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