A Poet loves his Ghazal as a father loves his son and when looks...

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An Incomplete Ghazal

A Poet loves his Ghazal as a father loves his son and when looks at and feels the beauty of every phrase, every word and every letter of his ghazal, he reaches the heights of tranquillity. If we deeply analyse the behaviours of few poets, individually, we will find that every poet has his own style of speech which could be identified individually as fingerprints. A lot of times just by reading the first line of newly written ghazal an expert can tell the name of the poet. Though this uniqueness lies in the Ghazals of all the writers but when the poet reaches the higher levels he makes his identity memorised to his lovers. To reach this level the poet has to pass through a lot of phases which is not an easy task. To reach this level Ghalib had to search the vast forests of possibilities but all that he perceived was just a foot mark. Faiz had to put his tongue in a loop of chain to attain that level.
Ghazal is a beautiful arrangement of words and phrases, fulfilling the conditions of Prosody and Rhetoric which can have any meaning which the poet may or may not want to say. It depends on interpretation done by the critiques of the time. When a poet writes his ghazal he may commit mistake. Any mistake, be it the usage of words out of the tradition of the standard metres, or illegal usage of language. Which can be corrected afterwards but the original beauty is lost, the beauty of thoughts is taken over by the intelligence of knowledge.
So normally in the history, the Poets who have been able to establish their identity have either been so knowledgeable as to have committed least mistakes precisely when writing a Ghazal so that no big changes are required after the completion of it. Or the temporary identity was established through media advertisement.
So when a good poet rises though the levels of intelligence and becomes a critique, he is no more as good a poet as he would be before. The ghazals that he wrote within an hour is now that he writes may be within 5 minutes. but few are always incomplete in search of perfection.


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