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Shamim Hashmi is called a "Poet of Nostalgia". This was a...

Shamim Hashimi

Shamim Hashmi is called a "Poet of Nostalgia". This was a tag given to him by Allama Nadim Balkhi. His full name is Syed
Mohammad Shamimuddin and his pen name is Shamim Hashimi. His mother’s family was an
educated religious family, so he was brought up in an environment where renowned
personalities of urdu, Persian, Arabic and English literature were the family members.
He was educated in India's one of the greatest Madrasa, Khanqaah kabeeriya (established 1717
AD) . Shamim Hashmi completed aalim (Graduation) at the age of 15 years. Then he went to
Patna to pursue Fazil (Masters) in Urdu and Persian Languages. After that he was awarded with
the degree of MA in Urdu from Patna. Shamim Hashimi wrote a thesis which was a research
work on the life of a poet Mahjoor Shamsi for which he was awarded with the degree of Ph.D.
Dr. Shamim Hashmi is a poet of nostalgia. He has covered a lot of topics in his Poems and the
prominent topics that are reflected are:-

1. Description of the incidents of his own life

2. The pain of human society and its environment and demonstration of the sense of right and

3. Identification of right and wrong.

According to Mr. Nadim Balkhi: -

“Nostalgia is the most prominent topic of the poems of Shamim Hashimi which symbolizes the
complete inner and outer human world.

When you will go to the depth of the Ghazals and try to feel the pain that the Poet feels, you
would not find this to be just the pain of Poet but you will find this to be the pain of the
complete human society. You will also find the demonstration of the sense of right and wrong.
If we talk about the style of speech we find the poet conscious about it where he doesn’t ignore
the traditional style and as far as modern style or innovation is concerned the Poet doesn’t go
beyond the limits defined by him.”

And according to Mr. Zaheer ghazipuri: -

"The Poems (Ghazals) of Shamim Hashimi seem to be soaked in the dew which is the results of
the sobs and tears of night and evaporates by morning but leaves the sign of its existence on
the leaves and flowers.
Shamim Hashimi has ornamented his Poems with the words like flowers and thoughts like its

Literature: -

1. Persian poems written by Shamim Hashimi have been Published

2. Shamim Hashmi wrote "Farsi ki pahli kitab" The course text book of Persian Grammar for
11th std.

3. Taaleef “Faryaad-e-raghib”

4. Talkheez-e-sher-ul-ajam.

1. Collection of ghazals "Toot-tay PattoN Ka Dukh."

2. Sahsaraam me urdu shayari ki ibtada-o-irtiqaa (evolution of Urdu poetry in sahsaraam.)

3. Tahfeem-e-insaaniyat. (meaning of humanity).

4. Kulliyaat-e-Mahjoor Shamsi. (Works Mahjoor Shamsi)