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About Shamim Hashimi

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Shamim Hashimi

Dr. Shamim Hashimi ( شمیم ہاشمی; , शमीम हाशिमी) on 14 August 1947), is an Urdu and Persian poet.He is basically a poet of Ghazal. He has also written poems in other forms of poetry of different meters. His full name is Syed Muhammad Shamimuddin. Shamim Hashimi was born in Sasaram, Bihar, India. He received his primary education in Madrasa Khanqaah Kabeeriyah. He obtained "Aalim" (Graduation) at the age of 15. He pursued Fazil in Persian and Urdu from Madrasa Shams-ul-Huda, Patna. After completing his studies from madrasa he obtained master's degree in Urdu language & literature and Diploma in Education from Patna University. He received the Doctorate degree for his research thesis on the life of Mahjoor Shamsi. He is from the Daagh Dehlvi school of Urdu poetry and is one of the disciples of Abr Ahsani Gunnauri. Shamim Hashimi began writing poems at the age of 9. His poems and prose were published in national magazines of Urdu literature like Funoon, Shair, Aaj kal and subh-e-naw-patna etc. He has written many books in Urdu, Persian and English, including collections of his Urdu and Persian Ghazals. His major literary work was published in the 1970s. One of his best books Toot tay patton ka dukh was published in 2005 which has widely been appreciated. He has also received Sahitya Bhushan and Bihar Urdu academy award. Because of his beauty of writing, Shabab Lalit reviewed by quoting.. "...Shamim Hashimi is the narrator of the joy of grief. He is a reflector of his pain along with the grief of the universe and agony of the present. On the broad canvas of human life Shamim Hashimi has deeply felt and spiritually experienced the agony of present, unevenness of time and atrocities..." Nadim Balkhi,one of the famous poet penned "...the main subject of the poems of Shamim Hashimi is Nostalgia which symbolises the complete inner and outer human world..." Shamsur Rahman Faruqi wrote "...You have the tradition of intellect from the family of your mother and from that of your father as well and these two qualities are reflected in your poetry at a lot of places..." One of the notable Urdu critics Zaheer Ghazipuri writes“…….Shamim Hashimi is pretty conscious about usage of words. He follows the discipline of words and has complete control over the creative usage of words and language. So by all the means he is an expert of Ghazals. Basically he is a poet of ghazals.

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