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Ghazal being one of the oldest, is still the latest genre of Urdu Poetry

Whenever there is the word ghazal on our tongue we start visualising the different kinds of suggestions and critiques of the bonds of Urdu Literature. For example some critic few days ago posted "...No doubt Ghazal has been a part of our tradition but still Ghazal is not everything". Yes and he is right that a lot of other things have been legitimately a part of our tradition but they have not been everything to us. Major and mentor Poets of all the ages have been writing ghazals and a fewer percent of renowned poets have opted for other genres of Urdu Poetry. Other genres have become a part of Elite and Ghazal went closer and closer to the audience and a big part of the audience, be it literary or non literary, has shown immense love for Urdu Ghazals, Even if the audience is not able to read the Persian script, they love Ghazal when it is sung or read, they really love it in all the forms. People have loved the subjects the Poets chose. Be it Sad poetry, love poetry or any thing people have know Urdu mostly for Ghazals, Urdu Ghazal.

Over the ages the Literature has been developed and defined and decorated in different ways but the but the biggest influence which the genre Ghazal has over it is from the Romantic Age of Urdu Literature and this is the reason that Ghazal moved forward in the world of literature with a precise definition as below:

"Ghazal ke kayi maani hain, aurato se baate karna, aurato ki baate karna..."

Which means in English: "Ghazal has a lot of meanings, like talking to women, talking about women..."

But the definition changes over the time and after 1947 it had a drastic change in the style of writing and there came a revolution in the world of Urdu Literature with the Freedom of India and the phrase Modern Ghazal came into existence. The new poets started opting the style of the modern poetry and the definition of Ghazal broadened. The Famous Poets of the time started opting the new way of writing. The world of modern critique was flooded with debate over endlessly evolving topics. Fiza Ibn e Faizi, Mazhar Imam, Shamim Hashimi, Bashir Badr, Zaheer Ghazipuri and other Modern Poets established a new way of writing and the critics accepted this as a modern Ghazal.

Though people have forgotten the Literature but the remember Ghazals, if they cant read they listen, id they cant understand still they enjoy. This is the charm that this genre of Urdu Poetry has.