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UrduLiterature.org is a large online community that includes Poetry and Prose of more than 1500+ poets and writers. UrduLiterature.org has published more than 13000+ poems, lyrics and articles, mostly written by renowned and famous poets and writers. UrduLiterature.org offers a wide range of services through its website and its members promote and manage regular poetry competitions.

This website has also been ornamented with beautiful Ghazals of high status poets like Allama Iqbal, ٓAllama Nadim Balkhi, Kalim Ajiz, Zaheer Ghazipuri and Shamim Hashimi and Fakhr Rizwi.

We have also included arts and poems of the poets and writers who are rising and are new to the world of Literature but reflect good command over the language in their writings.

We include Persian and Arabic literature as well which have always been a part of Urdu. There are courses on this website to learn Urdu, Persian and Arabic Spoken language grammar and literature. Also there are courses available to help you learn Poetry writing in Urdu, Persian and English. The courses are separately designed for Children and Adults and Professional Services.

You can get services for poetry correction and “Islaah” from Mentor Poets associated with us.

We are trying to create a reliable hub with huge collection of Urdu Poetry, Prose and rare Urdu books. Please send us your creations to be published here which are mandatorily unpublished. We do not accept any literary work, which has already been published or which has any racial comments or any such comments which may hurt feelings of any group, religion or sect. Urduliterature.org holds all the rights of publishing or rejecting the creations that is received. Though we take proper care to scan all the matter that is published on www.urduliterature.org still in case you find such a thing on our website, please write to us so that we may take it down after review.

Urduliterature.org does not necessarily agree with all the matter published on this website as our www.urduliterature.org generally contains user generated matters.