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Urdu is a live language and is rich and famous because of the...

Ashob e Nawa has been written by Zaheer Ghazipuri

Shamim Hashmi is called a "Poet of Nostalgia". This was a...

Poetry Correction

You can post your Ghazals, Nazms, Haikus, Masnavi, for CORRECTION at Poem Editing, Correction and Help .

Any form of Urdu Poetry for correction can be submitted here, we get it corrected by any of the Ustad Poets we can contact.

If you want to get your Poem corrected in private, you can contact us at urdu@eraazi.com and will get back to you,

Recommended is to get your poem corrected publicly in the forum Poem Editing, Correction and Help, so that other readers too are benefited with that. 

Thanks, Admin