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Bulbul ke chaman mein hum zabaani chhodi

By-Khwaja Altaf Husain Hali

Bulbul ke chaman mein hum zubaani chhodi

Bazme sho'ra mein sherkhani chhodi

Jab se dil-e-zinda tu ne humko chhoda

Hum ne bhi teri ram kahaani chhodi

This is an Urdu poem written by Khaja Alaf Hussain Haali, the genre of this poem is Rubaai. Rubaai is a four line poem which consist of two couplets This has been written in Bahr-e-mutaqaarib Muzaahif, It has been very beautifully decorated by Khwaja Altaaf Hussain. One of the best rubaayi ever heard.

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