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Chand TaroN ka ban

Chand TaroN ka Ban which means "The forest of starts and the Moon" has been written by Makhdoom Muhiuddin. He belonged to Hayderabad so the Poem can be thought over or understood only when you understand the Hyderbadi accent  of Urdu speech. when you understand what a man from Hyderabad thinks when he pronounces a phrase. Here Makhdoom Mohiuddin Hyderabadi is talking about what happened overnight and how it ended and how the morning arrived. The way he uses the words is the beauty of this Poem. Mohiuddin has used the meter Fa'i'lun Fa'i'lun in this Poem and has followed very strict path as to explain the thought in the words chosen randomly with their natural beauty without creating any artificial impression. Mohiddin has been able to integrate the words to compose this poem as to make it so famous that it still is recited widely all ovet the world of Urdu literature. This is one the best Poems of his collections. Saying that this is one of the most important creations ofhis poems that brought him fame in the Literature world. Below is the original script of the nazm

Mom ki tarh jalte rahe ham shahedoN ke

Rat bhar jhilmilati rahi shamm e subh
e watan

Rat bhar jagmagata raha chand taroN ka

Tishnagi thi magar

Tishnagi me bhi sar shaar the

Pyasi aankhoN ke khali katore liye

Mutazir mard o zan

mastiyaN khatm mad-hoshiyaN khatm
theeN khatm tha bankpan

raat ke jagmagaate dahektay badan

subh dam aik deewaar e gam ban gaye

khazr e alam ban gaye

raat ki shah ragoN ka uchalta lahoo

joo e khooN ban gaye

kuch imaamaan e sad makr o fan

un ki saansoN main uufee ki phankar

unke sine me nafrat ka kala dhuwaN

ik kame  gah se

phenk kar apni nok e ubaN

khoan e noor e sahar pi gaye

rat ki tachhateN haiN andhera bhi he

subah ka kuch ujala ujala bhi hai


Hat me hat do

Soo e manzil chalo

Manzilain piyar ki

Manzilain dar ki

Koo e dildar ki manzilai

Dosh par apni apni saleebeN uthaye


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