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Urdu is a live language and is rich and famous because of the...

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Urdu Ghazals

Ghazals, Urdu

Urdu is a live language and is rich and famous because of the diversity it has. It opted different aspects from different language and worked on them it's own way. One of the precise example is Ghazal which was opted from arabic and Urdu took ghazal to another hight. Urdu Ghazals are the finest of all the poetry types.
Writing a Ghazal is an easy task but becoming a good poet is a tough task, the toughest science. Only those people who are born poet can write a poem which is in meter of Rhetoric.
Few things have to be kept in view while writing a Ghazal
A ghazal can be written in different meters. (Read here to understand Meters of Urdu Poem which is called Urooz o Balaghat (Rhetoric & Prosody))
There should be no grammatical error. (Click here for Details)
There should be no traditional error. (Click here for details)
There should be no error in usage of words or phrases.(Click here for details)
Creating new phrases while writing ghazal is not allowed, only those phrases can be used which have been in use.(Click here for details)
Following a school of Urdu Poetry is always the best choice. This can be done by consulting an Ustad, a mentor Poet.(Click here for details)